The photographs in the Iconographie haunt its pages

part of "Herselves" exhibition at BlueProject Fundation

The exhibition, curated by the Foundation‘s creative team (Barcelona), investigates the female figure in contemporary society. Through a diverse and multiple cast of feminine voices and outlooks, the exhibition reflects upon what it means to think the position of women beyond the mere alterity within which traditional hegemonic discourse has confined it. HerSelves is woven as a multiple symphony in which women artists talk about women, reclaiming their often absent voice to denounce, criticize and build their own message. Language and image, intimacy and provocation are means to transform the personal into political, the particular into collective, the casual into meaningful. These complementary, divergent or parallel discourses fuel, criticize or deconstruct that elusive construction of the collective imaginary which we call female identity.

The photographs in the Iconographie haunt its pages is a a diptych of two printed phantasmagoria. At the end of the nineteenth century in Paris a group of medical doctors established the notion of ‘visual psychology’ through the photographic work and the clinical suggestion with the women interned in the Salpêtrière. The images and environments played a central role in the documentation, diagnosis, treatment and the scenarios that “patients” lived in.