Perversions and desire

Series of three events curated at àngels barcelona gallery

Perversions and desire is a series of three events, curated within the framework of a research project titled Embodied Cinema at àngels barcelona gallery. The three situations incorporate moving image through a playfulness that allows for the redistribution of our desire. An invitation for cinema to pervert the imagery of everyday life and the questions arising from it.

An event isn’t just something that takes place nearby, but a shifting of the positions through which we perceive and relate to the world. The event is presented here as a perversion of the normal flow of things that allows us to reveal the truth indirectly. A truth that is structured like a fiction. A fiction that represents a reality that no one wishes to face. A change in the rules of the game.

Embodied Cinema stems from the idea that all forms of cinema may exist through the body of those transmitting it. The philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek argued that cinema is a perverse art form because it does not satisfy our desires, but tells us how we should desire. In this way, an image is transformed into a fantasy that is activated inside our bodies, like a script to be acted out. It inscribes a topography on the body. Yet desire is mobile, and capable of creating new models: new patterned flows of desire.

A natural body / Healthy Gestures #beauty

Ariadna Guiteras


14 – 3 – 2017

A Natural Body / Healthy Gestures #beauty is a performance based on the mimesis and abstraction of words and movements taken from online tutorials on health and beauty. The piece consists of a gestural improvisation that emerged out of the process of memorising and accumulating sequences through movement in space, the body, and the word. Following Judith Butler’s maxim from her theory on gender performativity, if repetition consolidates the norm, an inkling hope is to be found in failure. Behind the impossibility of exact repetition lies a form of resistance to the technologies of violence and control over our bodies.

Construcción de un microcosmo en plato

Laura Veraguas y Myriam Fernández (Iradier Barcelona)


28 – 3 – 2017

Construcción de un microcosmo en plato is a situation game that sits the public at the table, opening up a world before their eyes which had, up until then, remained hidden behind the kitchen doors. Six members of the audience, previously invited to attend, take part in a composition where the plate on the table becomes a projection space, not only of the workforce, but of an entire collection of images, human relations, mechanical processes, food alchemy, and creativity.

Through imagery from films such as Babette’s Feast (Gabriel Axel, 1987), The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (Peter Greenaway, 1989), or Like Water for Chocolate (Alfonso Arnau, 1992), the performance will lay out the genetics and preparation process behind the presentation of a dish, seen as the tip of the iceberg of a restaurant.

The guests to the performance were Eloy Fernández Porta, Víctor Valentín, Anna Pahissa, David G. Torres, Consol Llupià y Borja Villatoro.

Yo me bailo

Laura de Díaz


11 – 4 – 2017

Yo me bailo is an exercise inspired by the multitude of videos of anonymous people dancing in their private space that may be found online. The staging presents multiple virtual rooms that change through time, where the body, little by little, becomes present in the space. The room and the body, two entities that are closely connected to the concept of privacy, are transformed in order to explore the possible meanings of the practice of exposure on the internet, and of extimacy.

Extimacy, a term initially coined by Jacques Lacan, has been used since to refer to the exterior exhibition of the most intimate aspects of a person, of their body, as well as their thoughts and desires, with the aim of building an elaborate and rich identity in accordance with his/her self-image.

Once the performance is over, the virtual room remain at the viewer’s disposal.



Photography by Carla Cànovas, Duna Vallès and Anna Izquierdo.