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Rock music swallowed Punk music swallowed by MTV swallowed by House music swallowed by Grunge music swallowed by the etcetera…, by Calvin Klein, Zuckerberg and the iPhone.

SCREENING PERFORMANCES is a two-fold theatre work about the generational iconography of the 80s and 90s and their relation to the culture industry. The two performances take the screen as an actor to articulate a dramaturgy that does not distinguish between bodies, technologies, collective imagination and conventions, with the aim of observing not only how we produce images, but also how images produce us.

Cielo TV (David G.Torres and Marc Caellas) is a live TV programme that reconstructs the art and music atmosphere of New York City in the 1980s. A moment in time filled with nostalgia, and marked by the appearance of the do-it-yourself punk movement, the Warhol wake and his influence on art, the parties, the free TV shows such as PartyTV and the nightclubs.

… Disc !!! (Isaki Lacuesta) departs from the preparation for the shooting of a film around the attempt by the music and fashion industries to capture the spirit of subversion peculiar to every generation and turn it into a commercial trend. The Hip Hip tradition has always been particularly attentive to the tension “fight-against-the-system / commercial assimilation, whether accepted or not”, making of it a recurring theme of its lyrics, aesthetics and almost of its own philosophy.

Produced by LOOP Barcelona in collaboration with Trànsit Projectes and Escenari Joan Brossa. With the participation of Escola Massana and Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona.