✟ IBAN OSCURO POR ENTRE LAS SOMBRAS (they roam darkly amidst the shadows) ✟

ENCURA V - residence in Hangar, La Casa Encendida and Planta-Alta-hablarenarte

The selection committee formed by Lucía Casani, director of La Casa Encendida, Marta Echaves, researcher and independent curator, Alexandra Laudo, member of Hangar’s program committee, Lluís Nacenta, director of Hangar, Carolina Jiménez, Hangar’s research and knowledge transfer coordinator (with voice but without vote), Flavia Introzzi, president of hablarenarte and responsible for the residency program PlantaAlta, and Emma Brasó, curator and cultural manager member of hablarenarte, has decided, among the 57 applications submitted, to award the Encura V curatorial research residency grant to Núria Gómez Gabriel with the project Iban oscuro por entre las sombras.

Iban oscuro por entre las sombras is a curatorial research device that aims to align and put in situation artists-researchers, writers, philosophers and other agents of the cultural context to investigate practices and methodological processes, theoretical, literary and audiovisual references that update the bases of Gothic Materalism.