"Distribution and Expropiation" CRITICAL SESSION at Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

“The symposium exanimated the assemblage of images and space for the commonality opened between them. Likewise, it will address issues related with the outside of film, and photography, in order to examine the power that lies in seeing, studying and thinking images together. A series of questions arises in relation with this moment that begins after cinema, after images, yet owing to it, to them namely: How should we see, study, think together? What methodologies should be used? What collectivity is possible in this joint making? What type of antagonism is created from this shared temporality? What type of community is it possible to build from the images we recive? How can we imagine new forms of citizenry through the study and thinking exercised along with others?”

I was invited to talk as La KINO project curator to share my thoughts and experiences about the cinematographic contents dedicated  to explore visual economies and their forms of distribution. Starting out from the idea that the moving image today can no longer be understood as a container but as operating within a distribution regime of multiple singularities, La KINO asks the question how can one distribute the expository capacity in cinematographic practices of the present. If editing and programming can be understood as way of cutting through the flow of information, of mobilizing other spaces of thought based on the confrontation with an object or with an action in a specific space, can distribution enable us to activate forms divergent to global discourses in order to question certain devices of personal capitalization.

The Image Symposium (Madrid) was directed by Leire Vergara.